Free Voting and Messaging App

InterKey is a messaging app that connects your identity to your crypto wallet. Using meta mask, users can create or join groups exclusively for token holders. You are able to vote accordingly to your stake in the token.
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Key Features

  • Build Exclusive groups

    Build Exclusive groups

    Create groups and define that only holders of your token can join
  • Vote accordingly to your Token Holdings

    Vote accordingly to your Token Holdings

    Define voting rights and start your voting
  • Wallet Linking to Account

    Wallet Linking to Account

    Link your wallet to your InterKey profile via meta mask and start chat with other token holders
  • Multichannels for Groups

    Multichannels for Groups

    Create several channels within one group
  • Blockchain Explorer Direct Messaging via Wallet

    Blockchain Explorer Direct Messaging via Wallet

    Chat with other wallets via the InterKey Blockexplorer
  • News feed

    News feed

    Share pictures and news in InterKey Groups

How to use InterKey?

  • Step 01


    Login in with your Email / Facebook / Google
  • Step 02


    Use MetaMask to verify your wallets
  • Step 03


    Create or join groups of value
  • Step 04


    Start Messaging, Voting, Trading
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Technical Roadmap

Q1 2019

Chat function for wallets

After a user verified his / her wallet with meta mask on the verification website, wallets - public keys - are able to communicate with each other. You can send a wallet address a message.
Q1 2019

Verification website

InterKey users have to verify themselves with their private key via Meta Mask to their token wallets once, if they want to use the app. After doing so, their token holdings will be visible for the other users connecting people holding funds.
Q2 2019

Block explorer

InterKey will issue a blockexplorer with a messaging function. A blockexplorer is a tool that includes a search function for transactions on the blockchain, wallets and specific blocks.
Q3 2019

InterKey Call

Like in WhatsApp or Telegram you can use InterKey for telephone calls.


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